Morgan Elvington Walker began loving art at a young age.  Art camps in the summer to any art class offered in school led her to studying Interior Design at Winthrop University and Visual Arts and Art History at Clemson University.  While studying watercolor in Orvieto, Italy she obtained the nickname Melvin G, which comes from her first initial and part of her maiden name. 

After having her daughter she decided to focus her time on family by moving from Charlotte, NC to Florence, SC.  During her (very limited) spare time, she began to paint as a creative outlet.  Her love for painting grew more and more, where she wanted to be in her studio as much as time would allow.

"In all my work I focus on control.  Since living in Florence, I have been observing my father, who has suffered from Parkinson's Disease for fifteen years.  I also observe my daughter every time she colors or paints.  Both my daughter and father lack control in different ways.  My daughter has no idea she does not have control over the medium she is using.  She is all over the paper (or in some cases the floor, wall or chair) and does not think twice about her markings.  My father on the other hand is completely aware that he has lost his control.  He tries so hard to have control over his hand, that his markings are always tiny when he writes or draws.  I try to emulate this in my work by having the large movement covering the surface like my daughter's colorful chaos, and the tiny markings like my father  to draw you in.  I love the balance of the two."

Morgan currently lives in Florence, SC with her husband, Michael, daughter, Liza and son, Ward.